There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” -Colin Powell, Former U.S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

We value our client and partner relationships and will always remain firmly committed to helping them achieve and sustain success. Our success is thus measured by the success and quality of life of our clients and partners. Our commitment to achievement is taken seriously and we look forward to celebrating your success when you meet or exceed your goals.

Here is what some of our clients and partners are saying…

Scott Conner (Conner Electrical Services, Inc.)

“I was looking to find out what my business was worth and how to improve it when I started working with Brian. He was able to help me change my mindset and see the potential of my business. In the first year of working with him I have grown my sales and profits. As a sole business owner I have never had anyone there to hold me accountable for setting and achieving goals until now. Brian is an asset to my company.”

Lucy Fanger (President/CEO, On Technology Partners Inc.) 

“When I started working with Brian all I wanted was to spend less time at work. It seemed like all I was doing was working and my company seemed to be running my life. Brian helped me realize that with the right changes things could be different. He was right. Two years later and I am happy to get up in the morning and go to work. I’m excited about my company and enjoy spending time working on my business. My work is no longer running my life.”

Dave Szomoru, (Principal, Contract Source Inc.)

“Over the past year, Contract Source has had the pleasure of working closely with Brian to build our team. The principles put forth have been highly effective and as a result, we have a stronger, more dedicated and productive team. Through his mentorship, our business is growing, which we attribute to our improved communication and the building of durable systems. We have hired new employees, repositioned another, and are in a strong position to continue our growth through 2020. Using the “7 Step” principles, and by establishing SMART goals for which we are held accountable, we have increased sales to nearly 30% during the past year. We look forward to our continued relationship!”

Daniel Moneypenny (Owner, Emaginit) 

“Brian and I met in 2009 and am very pleased to have done so. His professional approach to his life and business are second to none. Doing what he says he will do is exactly what happens. Brian treats everyone he encounters with respect and curiosity. I would say ‘Rare’ today. His persona is perfect for his clients’ success. Brian is a Win, Win, Win!”

Cliff Askew (Owner, JMA Services, LLC)

“I have been working with Brian for the past 6 months to organize and systemize my business. I first heard Brian talk at a 7 Steps seminar and realized that our business should have more systems in place which will allow it to run more efficiently. Brian has helped me develop systems that work well in my business. The most helpful systems we have worked on have been Weekly Meetings Agendas, Valuing Clients, and Merit Based Employee Incentives. Brian has also helped me understand how important it is to have Core Values. We are currently developing these for my business. I am very grateful to Brian who has helped shape and organize my business for future growth and success.”

Jeff Schleckie, (Vice President & Technician, Approved Plumbing)

“I’m grateful for the help from Brian and his ActionCOACH team. Brian keeps me on my toes at all times. He has especially been helpful during an important period of transition of generational ownership. He enjoys helping me with thought provoking issues and keeps me focused on the reasons that I got into business in the first place. Brian continually works to give back to the community while enhancing the lives of his clients. I would recommend him to any small business that wants to grow or make a transition of ownership.”

Jeff Mihalich (President, Codesummit)

“Brian has been incredibly helpful with helping us improve cash flow and position our business for sustainable growth. Sales were up 30% last year and we made incredible strides in running the business which we expect will position our business for higher profitability going forward. His continued guidance and advice on taking a disciplined approach to getting the right things done has us squarely focused on our future success.”

Melanie Friedman (Principal, FMD Architects, Inc.)

“We had previously taken a shotgun approach to getting things done and were trying to make progress on everything with no definitive direction or results. We hit a glass ceiling. After only a few months of working with Brian, we have a workable plan to achieve our growth objectives, renewed excitement and clarity in our work, and are very much looking forward to a more successful future.”

Dr. Nicolette Scott (Partner, BroadView Eye Center)

“Brian has helped us take our company culture and team to the next level. We found the company-wide DISC assessments to be invaluable. Not only have they helped our employees relate to and read our customers better, the DISC assessments have also helped them improve interpersonal relationships with co-workers. Brian also helped us develop personal and professional goals and implement strategies to achieve those goals. I would highly recommend Brian’s services to any business owner, regardless of size, specialty, or current level of success. There is always room for improvement and Brian can you help you achieve it!”

Jason Henkel (President/CEO, Focus to Evolve LLC.)

“Brian, together with the coaching approach, tools and processes have brought a new-found balance and deliberate path forward for my business. In fact, I’d even say that before Brian, I really didn’t even have a business … I just had ‘work’. He is my balance wheel and trusted coach in areas where I’m not strong. We don’t always see eye-to-eye, but that is the point to ensure our decisions are looked at from many angles — including the ones that I’m not comfortable with or might not have experience with. My business now gets his decades of leadership experience in addition to my thoughts and ideas. Can one ever put a price on that? If you are tired of just ‘working’ your business and ready to ‘own’ your business with options, then I recommend Brian Alquist without reservation.”

Margie Orth (General Manager, Home Instead Senior Care) 

“Brian has been instrumental in helping us take our senior care business to the next level. His guidance and advice on organizational structure and alignment has our teams focused on the things that really matter which in turn has helped better position our business and people for sustainable growth.” 

Terese McGroarty (Sole Proprietor, Frannet)

“During the past 18 months, Brian Alquist has become an integral part of my business. The disciplined, coaching approach to planning and execution has brought greater focus and energy to my business and has enabled me to double my personal income in a little over one year. Building upon this success, I’m on track to double my income again during the coming year. Astonishingly, the systems that I have developed through coaching have freed up more time that I now invest in myself and with my family. I am very appreciative and thankful for all I have achieved and learned and will continue to grow by working with Brian.”

Mike Mireiter (Owner, Unique Landscaping LLC)

“Brian helped me develop and implement key business systems to reduce work and maximize profitability. We are starting the season with a lot of confidence considering the systems that we now have in place. His communication and support throughout the process has been amazing. I look forward to working with Brian during the coming year and am optimistic that we will meet or exceed all of our business goals in 2019.”