Our Approach

Be undeniably good. No marketing effort or social media buzzword can be a substitute for that.” -Anthony Volodkin, Hype Machine Founder

Our Four Key Areas of Focus 

We have broad experience across all functional areas of business and have proven tools and processes that address the full spectrum of small business needs. These are the four primary areas that you will focus on in your pursuit of sustainable success in business and a better life.


Business Growth: Apply proven tools and strategies that bring greater focus on the bottom line and business growth as a strategy for achieving your goals. From vision to planning to execution, we help clients create tangible plans of action that get great results.

Leadership: Develop the necessary skills to lead in business and life with greater confidence, self-awareness and purpose, and create a system to better manage time and priorities.

Team Development: Great leaders must know how to attract and retain talent and get the most from their organizations and teams. Using a variety of tools and assessments, you will cultivate an affective business culture, communicate more effectively, and develop high-performing managers and teams.

Business Systems: Invest in the systems and routines that are needed to drive profitability and scale your business. We help clients develop systems across all functional areas that create real, tangible value, reduce workload and maximize profits.


Our Offering 

Our business experience, Core Values, and personalized approach to one-to-one business coaching, executive mentoring and business education sets us apart from other coaches and gives you the attention that you need to thrive in business and in life. We have a single, unwavering purpose – to help you succeed and to sustain success in business and in life. Together, we create a vision that represents where you are heading then develop and implement well-defined goals, strategies, and action plans to get you there. And, we’ll help you develop great leadership and business skills, and systems, along the way.  Our offering includes:

One-to-One Business Coaching:  We take a disciplined and focused approach that will help you address your most pressing business challenges and implement your business strategies in a way that is strictly aligned with achieving your goals during one-to-one coaching sessions. 

Executive Mentoring: We focus on helping small business owners and executives with mindset and skillset development primarily in the areas of leadership and management functions.

Business Education Workshops: Our 1-2 hour business education workshops are designed to help small business owners, executives and their teams gain new perspectives about learning.  We’ll help you develop the needed skills and systems that will take your business and teams to another level.

Planning Workshops: Our planning workshops are designed to help small business owners and management teams define their goals and the strategies and actions to achieve them.  Whether you need a comprehensive Business Plan, a 1-Page Plan or a Tactical Plan, our Workshops will bring clarity and perspective to the path to success.


Our Core Values 

Our Core Values define how we treat our clients, frame how we work with our colleagues, and are integral to our future success.  They set the standard by which individual and team performance is measured and rewarded.  They are embedded in the way we operate and underpin the value we create for our clients.


Commitment: We stand firmly committed to the small business community and especially to helping our clients and business partners achieve great results. 

Achievement: We strive to bring clarity, inspire and implement processes that help our clients and colleagues achieve their goals.

Excellence: Excellence leads us to challenges ourselves to execute flawlessly and to consistently deliver the highest quality of service to our clients.

Respect: Behaving with respect means listening and communicating directly and openly.  We value diversity among people, their ideas and their points of view.

Make a Difference: “Good enough” isn’t.  We will always strive to make a difference in our community, workplace and in the lives of others.