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The Journey to More Success Starts Here!

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Most people say that they want to achieve more in business and in life but few understand that in order to achieve more they must first – consciously or subconsciously – overcome the natural human tendency to resist change and the associated limiting behaviors that can stand in the way of more success. Consequently, people can unknowingly default to a state of satisfaction with the status quo. The cost of chronic, long-standing resistance to change can be insurmountable and is often times a primary reason for stagnation or even failure to achieve more in business. It’s thus important to understand the common factors associated with resistance to change and how to overcome that resistance to achieve more.

Let’s examine three factors that cause business owners to overcome resistance to change a little more closely:

The first of these factors is dissatisfaction. Dissatisfaction is a powerful force that commonly brings about change. The primary reasons for dissatisfaction amongst small business owners are around making more money and having more time away from the business to pursue other interests. The level of dissatisfaction in business ownership must grossly exceed opposing resistance forces associated with ego and fear that together cause hesitation and doubt when change is warranted. Business owners can overcome these resistance forces by measuring and monitoring key business metrics against goals, and by accepting a willingness to be vulnerable and open to new ideas to achieve them. 

Vision is the second factor that helps overcome resistance to change. Research consistently shows that business owners with a strong strategic vision are far more likely to achieve more success than those without a strategic vision.  Successful business owners spend countless hours shaping and reshaping a future vision. Their vision is inspiring and well communicated expressly to align the goals, activities and collective energy of managers and staff to consistently obtain results. Business owners can thus overcome resistant to change by crafting, communicating and acting on an inspiring vision that will in turn become a motivating force for achieving great results. Conversely, a lack of strategic vision causes businesses to wallow in mediocracy and makes it difficult to motivate and attract great employees and customers.

The third factor is a willingness to take the First Step to achieve a greater level of success through change; perhaps more success than ever thought possible. In taking the first step, it is important to remain mindful of three things about overcoming resistance to change:  1. understand that success is a choice and only you are responsible; 2. the first step in overcoming the resistance to change is the hardest and; 3. it is unnecessary to act alone – get some help.   

Change for the sake of change is never recommended. But, change is essential for achieving more success than you ever thought possible. Your business coach can play a critical role in managing change in your pursuit of a profitable commercial enterprise that works without you.

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Brian is a business executive turned-entrepreneur with more than 30 years of experience across many business functions. He holds a BS Degree in Chemical Engineering from Grove City College and an MBA from Baldwin Wallace College, and certifications from Case Western Reserve University, ActionCOACH, and The DeBono Institute. He is active on non-profit boards, in the Northeast Ohio community, and is a frequent volunteer with various charities and institutes.