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It’s time to reflect upon what you are setting out to achieve and how you’ll invest valuable time, money and other resources to get great results during the coming year.  
We encourage the development of a 1-Page Business Plan that will bring into focus the broad strategic direction of the business. The 1-Page Business Plan is ideally used to keep the company’s management team squarely focused on the goals and activities that are of vital importance to the business. A 1-Page Business Plan can also be used as a communication tool for cascading your business’s “what” and “how” to team members.
It is important to recognize that the value of planning is limited by your team’s ability to get the right things done.  Action drives value in business – your ability to discern the right strategies and to align the collective activities of your team will ultimately influence the return on an investment in planning and, most importantly, the value of your business.
Keys to getting the right things done are centered around communication, commitment, focus and the disciplined use of processes. Here are some simple steps that will help owners and their management teams get great results:

  • Create a culture of trust. Leverage new ideas from inside and outside the company to drive innovation and continuous improvement. 
  • Leverage the collective skills and capacity of the team to get things done.  All team members must have a stake in achieving great results. A routine system for planning and execution is recommended.
  • Communicate frequently to maintain focus.  Team members should have a clear and continuous understanding of the company’s goals and the actions they need to take to achieve them. Use quarterly planning sessions to develop clarity on goals and strategy and weekly meetings to keep the team focused. 
  • All team members should have job descriptions and personal objectives that are well aligned to the strategic goals and activities of the business. 
  • Maintain a system of accountability to assure that the right things are getting done.   

Contact Brian Alquist at 1Direction Inc. to learn more about how a 1-Page Business Plan can improve the effectiveness of your business performance, today.

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Brian is a business executive turned-entrepreneur with more than 30 years of experience across many business functions. He holds a BS Degree in Chemical Engineering from Grove City College and an MBA from Baldwin Wallace College, and certifications from Case Western Reserve University, ActionCOACH, and The DeBono Institute. He is active on non-profit boards, in the Northeast Ohio community, and is a frequent volunteer with various charities and institutes.